De Triangel

Category: School for children aged 2,5 to 12
Maximum number of participants: 12
Distance: 1,5km– 15 min walking/ 20 min by public transportation
Groups will meet at the conference venue entrance and travel with a guide to field visit locations.

About De Triangel

De Triangel is a public school organized by the City of Ghent, offering kindergarten for children aged 2,5 to 6 and primary school from 6 to 12.

Experience-oriented education gives the opportunity to start from the needs, interests, experiences and talents of children. The well-being and involvement of students is essential for their learning processes. De Triangel pays particular attention to cultural diversity within the school.

For language and mathematics, differentiation is made in different level groups, with a separate track for language and mathematics. Thanks to this system, all children work at their own level and can reach their potential.

About the visit

One of De Triangel’s main focuses for children between 2.5 and 8 years old is the stimulation of reading and writing development in a natural, logical, functional and creative way.

This visit will inspire you with examples of free drawing and writing, lapbooks and the process of learning to read in a natural way. By joining this field visit, you can see how this works in practice.

You find a brief description of each location and pedagogical focus of the visit below.

Below, you find a list of each school welcoming a field visit.