Freinet School Mandala

Category: School for children aged 2.5 to 12
Maximum number of participants: 12
Distance: 900m – 12 minutes walking
Groups will meet at the conference venue entrance and travel with a guide to field visit locations.


About Freinet School Mandala

Freinet School Mandala is a public school organized by the City of Ghent, offering education for children aged 2,5 to 12. De Mandala is one of the 12 Freinet primary schools in the city. The school has a specific pedagogic and social project, focusing on intercultural, community-oriented and multilingual education and active participation of children and parents.

About the visit

Learning at this field visit location is based on the Freinet pedagogy and community oriented principles.
Reading, writing and maths are developed in a natural and creative way, starting from the interests and initiative of the child and the children’s own texts.

The home language of each child is used to learn Dutch (the official language). Parents are involved in decision making and networking is stimulated by regular ‘coffee moments’.

The neighborhood plays a major role in the pedagogical project. The children go out in the neighborhood and neighborhood organizations work together with the school.

You find a brief description of each location and pedagogical focus of the visit below.

Below, you find a list of each school welcoming a field visit.