Field Visits

Where to meet

Please meet in the front corridor, at the sign designated for your field visit, 10 minutes before your scheduled field visit. NOTE: For Nachtegaaltje, please meet 20 minutes before the scheduled visit.
We kindly request that you meet the group on time to ensure that the visit stays on time.

About Visits

This year the city of Ghent opens its network of more than 70 daycare facilities and 40 schools to conference participants. The centers focus on holistic development, participation of children, parents and communities, diversity and equal access and engaging vulnerable families. The facilities which can be visited vary in age focus, location and pedagogical vision and provide a great insight on the daily practice and organization of childcare in the City of Ghent network.

Childcare facilities welcome children from 0 to 3 years old, before they attend school. In Belgium, children can start kindergarten for free at 2.5 years. Nearly all children start school before their 3rd birthday.

Field visits have been organized in 6 child care facilities of the City and 5 schools (4 City, 1 Flemish Community and 1 independent school).

It is not allowed to take pictures of children or staff due to Belgian privacy legislation.

The field visits are open to everyone who registered for the ISSA conference. Please find more information on registration at the bottom of this page.

What you should know about the childcare centers before registering for a field visit


The City of Ghent provides daycare and an extensive out-of-school and holiday program for more than 6500 children in 74 facilities.

Daycare centers welcome children aged 0-3.
Out-of-school-centers provide care before and after school hours and during lunch break for children from 2,5 to 6 on schooldays. The childcare team can also offer support during school hours, enabling kindergarten teachers to focus on their educational goals.

Professionally trained caregivers offer children a warm and welcoming environment, where every child is given equal chances to develop, feel good, participate and relate with people and society. Children, parents, team and the community are engaged as valuable partners.

We invite you to visit 6 of our City child care facilities. Some offer only daycare for babies and toddlers (0-3); others provide out-of-school care (2.5 – 6) as well. Each facility developed a specific profile, where a particular aspect of the pedagogical vision of Ghent is elaborated in-depth.

Members of the care team and a pedagogical coach of the city of Ghent will accompany you on your field visit.

You find a brief description of each location and pedagogical focus of the visit below.

What you should know about the schools before registering for a field visit


Education in Belgium is obligatory from 5 to 18 years old, but children can enter school for free from age 2.5. Education is a regional authority. Ghent is part of the Flemish region (Flanders). The Flemish government defined specific development goals and final terms per grade and subject, describing what every child in Flemish primary schools should be offered.

This education can be organized by different ‘nets’, for instance the City, the Flemish Community and the Catholic Net. Each net has its own pedagogical and social vision. Built on this vision and the specific context, each school develops its own pedagogical project.

The Educational Support Centre of the City of Ghent supports school teams, management and teachers, to optimize the quality of education and provide maximum opportunities for development for all children. Staff members of the school and this support center will accompany you on your field visit.

Below, you find a list of each school welcoming a field visit. 


You can find the link to the field visit registration in the conference newsletter (September 12) and on the conference app.

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