Duimelotje Daycare Center

Category: Daycare for children aged 18 months to 3 years and out-of-school care for children aged 2.5 to 6 years
Maximum number of participants: 12
Distance: 2.8km – 25 minutes by bus+walking
Groups will meet at the conference venue entrance and travel with a guide to field visit locations.

About Duimelotje Daycare Center

Duimelotje Daycare Center is a community oriented daycare center for children aged 18 months to 3 years and out-of-school care for children aged 2.5 to 6 years. However, this is not just about the children.

Duimelotje builds a place where meetings take place and relationships grow. A place where children and their educators find and interact with one other. A place where we help to build a positive self-image. A place where cohabitation and the sense of community are stimulated. Duimelotje creates an environment characterized by equivalence and respect for diversity. All actors are involved: the children, the parents, the team and the neighborhood.

About this visit

This field visit offers you the chance to get to know the daycare center and out-of-school care.  The visit will focus on two aspects of Duimelotje’s work. First, their project stimulating a fluent, ‘seamless’ transfer between daycare and (out-of-) school. Second, their community-oriented aspect of the childcare.

To ensure a continuum of care and connection with the child’s network, the daycare and out-of-school care teams collaborate actively with each other, as well as with the families, schools and neighborhood. Children explore the neighborhood, shop locally and use public spaces. The childcare is part of the local community and tries to mirror its values in its daily practices. Parents are always welcome and stimulated to participate in decision-making.

You find a brief description of each location and pedagogical focus of the visit below.

Below, you find a list of each school welcoming a field visit.