De Bijendans

Category: Daycare center for babies and toddlers from 0 to 3
Maximum number of participants: 10
Distance: 2.8km– 25 minutes direct bus/tram; 30 min walking
Groups will meet at the conference venue entrance and travel with a guide to field visit locations.



About De Bijendans

The Bijendans is a “ZigZag” child care center. ZigZag is a pedagogical profile inspiring a number of childcare centers in Ghent.  It is based on the insights of Loris Malaguzzi (from Reggio Emilia), combined with the City of Ghent’s vision of childcare. It focuses on total wellbeing, diversity, participation and the involvement of children and their environment.

Our day care center provides childcare for  28 children from 0 to 3 years, in 2 vertical living groups.

About this visit

In this field visit we focus on the three educators who are the building blocks of the ZigZag profile: the children, the adults and the environment.

Children are approached as the first educators: each child is a strong, capable and resilient person, driven by inborn curiosity and acting from an investigative learning attitude, relating to others and the environment.

Our childcare practitioners work with the ‘pedagogy of listening’: not leading, but following; not knowing, but investigating; not telling, but listening. They observe children in each action and interaction and make children’s learning processes visible through documentation.

Based on the documented interests, the care team creates situations and play environments in which children can learn from each other, play and communicate in groups. This triggers curiosity and appeals to the children’s’ drive to explore.

We’ll show how this ‘pedagogy of listening’ is being translated into practice and how the environment can trigger the children’s learning process by working with open ended materials and offering children rich experiences.

You find a brief description of each location and pedagogical focus of the visit below.

Below, you find a list of each school welcoming a field visit.