Call for proposals

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Deadline Extended to May 8th, 2017

More information about Conference Theme and Strands can be found here.

Please note that applications must be submitted in English
Please plan to provide one of the following formats for your presentation:

  • Discussion forum
  • Panel discussion
  • Debate on a controversial issue
  • Mind-mapping session
  • Interactive workshop on a specific topic
  • Presentation followed by discussions
  • Open space session
  • Poster presentations
  • Film presentation


By dedicating a series of concurrent sessions in the conference program to film and video, ISSA wishes to demonstrate our enthusiasm and support for the use of creative and innovative methods used by the ISSA conference community in their work. The film which you submit, in response to our Call for Proposals, may be narrative, educational or documentary; but always inspiring. We ask that all submissions recognize the conference strands. The maximum duration of the video/film, when shown, is 20 min but it may be also be an extract of a longer feature. All screenings will have to be preceded by a brief introduction of the video/film and followed by discussions guided points proposed by the presenter related to the strands of the conference.

Enquiries about Conference Proposals should be addressed should be submitted here.

When contributing to the Conference learning community, please ensure you:

  • Allocate sufficient time during your session for dialogue among participants
  • Encourage critical reflection in discussions
  • Stimulate learning through the exchange of diverse experiences and expertise